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Box 3

Contains 49 Results:

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 2

Scope and Contents:

Sketched crowd of suited men with crutches and canes above text. "From ‘The War Prayer' by Mark Twain. Part of a series of Messages for Peace." Three copies. See also, "Oh Lord our Father, our young patriots" in Box 4 Folder 3 and Box 5 Folder 9.

43 x 27.8 cm

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 3

Scope and Contents:

Broadside. Seated, robed man [Gandhi] and text. Quote identified: "From ‘The Mysterious Stranger' by Mark Twain." Three copies.

See also:

Box 1 Folder 15

Box 4 Folder 13

Box 4 Folder 14

Box 5 Folder 9

Drawer Folder 6

Drawer Folder 15

43.1 x 28 cm

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 4

Scope and Contents:

Ben Shahn 3-4a to 3-4f

Six sheets. Three graphite on tracing paper. Three on heavy paper: graphite, ink and stamp.

Various sizes under 28 x 44cm

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 5

Scope and Contents:

Ben Shahn 3-5a to 3-5b

Ink on paper. Two sheets.

Various sizes under 35.2 x 27.2 cm

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 6

Scope and Contents:

Ben Shahn 3-6a to 3-6b

Two sheets. One graphite on lined tracing paper, one ink on heavy paper.

Various sizes under 30 x 42 cm

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 7

Scope and Contents:

Ben Shahn 3-7a to 3-7f

Ink on heavy paper. Six sheets.

Various sized under 42.4 x 64 cm

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 8

Scope and Contents:

Ben Shahn 3-8a to 3-8e

Five sheets. One lettered, graphite on tracing paper. Four drafts in colored ink on heavy paper. See other "A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year" drawings in Box 1, Folder 10 and a print in Box 3, Folder 21.

3-8a: 23.7 x 30 cm

3-8b to 3-8e: 28.5 x 44.4 cm

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 9

Scope and Contents:

Ben Shahn 3-9

Graphite drawing on cardboard of tree, corn and clouds on a white wash background.

28 x 32.8 cm

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 10

Scope and Contents:

Ben Shahn 3-10a to 3-10b

Heavily pigmented [gouache?] stripes with sparse black ink design on cardboard and the same without ink on heavy paper.

3-10a: 27 x 21.6 cm

3-10b: 27.6 x 30.3 cm