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Box 7

Contains 14 Results:

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 1

Scope and Contents:

Includes: Hsi, Juo, “The Spirit of Approach to Painting.” Printed on mulberry paper one side of sheet. Pamphlet of an excerpt from An Essay on Landscape Painting. AIGA Workshop, [printed by] Frances Manola, 1955. Also, two [bookmarks] printed on the same paper. Library has 8 copies of the pamphlet, two of which were a part of a notebook labeled “Portfolio of Samples of Free-Lance Work by Fran Manola, c. 1966-1984.

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 2

Scope and Contents:

Booklet “designed, hand set and printed by Francis M. Manola, AIGA Workshop, 1954.” Library has numbers 1, 2, 38 and 44 of 50 copies. Inscription on front cover of copy 1: “To Mother, with love, Fran.” Copy 44 has an inscription to Julie Price. Copy 1 has no cover. Copy 1 has been removed from the folder and is cataloged in the library collection.

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 3

Scope and Contents:

Covers and sample pages, partially bound. Includes pattern for cover for Chris Gausby’s notebook. 9/23/88, with notes on technique used to bind the book. 12 ¾ x 10 inches. Library has 2 examples. See also, folder Teaching: “Bookbinding Examples – Gathers and Stitching” in Box 9, Folder 1.

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 4

Scope and Contents:

Not dated or identified. There is similar paper signed by Frances Manola in the folder “Paper Samples – Handmade,” in Box 7, folder 12.

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 5

Scope and Contents:

Handwritten list of bookbinding work, with client instructions and ultimate disposition of the work. Many entries include samples of material used and some include photographs. Entries followed by photographs of many of the books and an index by purchaser. Several loose sheets and other notes.

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 7

Scope and Contents:

Words and letters in red calligraphy, originally in envelope indicating these are “Good letters of FM’s script to paste up – not all 26 caps & l[ower] c[ase] here.”

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 8

Scope and Contents:

Book by Henry Noel Humphries, with illustrations by Owen Jones. The book is cataloged in the library collection.

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 9

Scope and Contents:

Small samples. Some with color identified.

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 10

Scope and Contents:

Originally from a large artist’s portfolio holding primarily 20x24 inch sheets. Folder has pieces cut from the larger paper samples, some with her notes on paper type, how the paper was to be used, or test writing.