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Box 9

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 File — Box: 9, Folder: 2

Scope and Contents:

Library. 1972, 1975-1976 1/4" file. Some library procedures and policies documents, budget and personnel concerns, archival questions, as well as matters relating to Women Artists program.

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 3

Scope and Contents:

Dean Cobb.

Noteworthy documents concern Dean Cobb's request for support from the Douglass Library for a fund raising effort to begin a women writers manuscript collection at the library. Dean Cobb emphasizes the growing eminence of Douglass in the field of Women's Studies.

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 5

Scope and Contents: Dean Foster, with a final document created during Acting Dean Brownlee's tenure.The documents in this file include the reports, plans and resolutions concerned with the Federated College Plan and proposals to revise the plan. The documents are copies, widely distributed, but these particular ones have many comments made by Dean Foster in the margins. There are also a series of memoranda circulated between the college deans and Richard...
 File — Box: 9, Folder: 6

Scope and Contents:

Dean Foster.

The documents contained in this file, as in the previous file, include a series of reports and revisions, which when examined together reveal the process and focus of the on-going debate over the Federated College Plan, and certainly points to the areas of greatest contention.

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 7

Scope and Contents:

Folder contains a single document, 116 pp. Dean Foster's notes on margins. Reveals Dean Foster's feelings about committee representation.

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 8

Scope and Contents: Dean Foster and Acting Dean Brownlee.Folder contents include portions of ERA materials and copies of several reports by The Task force on Internal Allocation of Resources, Feb 1973 and Feb 1974.Two significant documents, a 1972 mission statement for Douglass College drafted by Dean Foster, and a memorandum from Dean Foster to Deans Bishop, Bowers, Carey, Easton, and Hess. This document is an outline of Dean Foster's criticisms of the Federated College Plan and its...
 File — Box: 9, Folder: 9

Scope and Contents: Dean Foster.Folder contents include reports, memoranda, correspondence and margin comments. Some documents are specifically addressed to Dean Foster, but most were distributed to a number of interested parties.Common to all of the documents is a sense of unhappiness with the proposed and planned changes to the Federated College system. Responses include students at DC and alumnae, as well as the other college deans.Noteworthy is a mission statement...