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Identifier: R-MC 050

Richard P. McCormick Papers


  • 1929-2006

Scope and Content Note

The Richard P. McCormick Papers consist of approximately 40 cubic feet of personal papers created and collected by McCormick. The papers are housed in ninety-five manuscript boxes, two index card boxes, and three flat (oversized) boxes. The collection spans the years between 1929 and 2006, but the bulk of the materials falls between 1940 and 1997. The papers contain correspondence, manuscripts of published and unpublished books and publications, manuscripts of speeches and speech outlines, research materials, articles and reviews, teaching materials, engagement calendars, class roll books, photographs, ephemera, newspaper clippings, notebooks, certificates, and diplomas.

The collection is divided into series groupings based on their topics. The series are organized into subseries, several of which are further arranged into sub-subseries, and then arranged alphabetically, chronologically, or both.

The Biographical/Personal series, is divided into four subseries, and covers a broad span of time, 1929 to 2006. However, the bulk of the material falls within the years 1934 through 1990. The series documents McCormick's personal and professional life both inside and outside Rutgers, and includes clippings and photos collected by McCormick himself. The Correspondence series is divided into three subseries, and consists of letters and materials received from other historians, university faculty and staff, politicians, and family members. The correspondence covers the years between 1945 and 2001, with the bulk between 1949 and 1992. At certain times, the three subseries are similar in content and subject matter regardless of the nature of the correspondence, whether it is personal or professional.

The Speaking Engagements series is divided into four subseries that document McCormick's participation at a variety of speaking engagements, including college and university graduation ceremonies, local history group events, and regional and national history colloquia and symposia. The series covers the period 1947 to 1998, and it often provides supplemental information regarding McCormick's research interests or professional affiliations at the time of the speaking engagements. Other speech materials may be found within other series, such as in the material from his travel to Japan in 1983 (located in the "Biographical/Personal" series) and in his research on New Jersey and the Federal Constitution (Box 25, Folders 10 and 11 in the "Research" series).

The Research series is divided into three subseries—two of which are further subdivided into sub-subseries—dating from the 1950s to the late 1990s. The series documents McCormick's research interests in the history of Rutgers, New Jersey, and American political history in general. When combined with the manuscript material from the Writings and Manuscripts series (1940-1997), and the class lecture notes and research from the Teaching Materials series (1947-1977), McCormick's prolific research, writing, and teaching career demonstrate his influence on students, scholars and historians, as the topics range from specific to wide-ranging and they cover a large number of years. McCormick's impact on other historians is also documented in the collection of reviews of his works in the Historians' Reviews of McCormick's Works series (1959-1995).

The Rutgers University Files are divided into three subseries, and cover the period of McCormick's professional career at Rutgers, 1948 to 1995, with the bulk falling between 1963 and 1986. Throughout his professional tenure at Rutgers (as University Professor and University Historian) and beyond (as Emeritus Professor of History), McCormick was highly active in university and faculty committees, as well as in university organization and activities, many of which impacted the day-to-day organization and function of the university (e.g., Joint Commission on University Governance, Coeducation Committee, College of Arts and Sciences Subcommittee of the University Committee on Personnel Procedures).

McCormick's involvement was not limited to Rutgers. The Professional Affiliations and Historical Organizations series documents the roles he played in a number of New Jersey and national historical/professional associations and organizations from 1947 to 2001. This series consists of correspondence, meeting minutes and agendas, and other material; it documents the relationships he developed with the historians, politicians, and other members of the groups, as well as his level of involvement with each group.

There are five series that further document McCormick's professional affiliations with other historical associations dating back to the late 1940s. These include the American Historical Association series, (1947-1977, bulk 1960-1974) the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission series, (1968-1976) the New Jersey Historical Commission series, (1960, 1966-1985) the New Jersey Historical Society series, (1950-1951, 1960-1993) and the Organization of American Historians series (1968-1974). McCormick's association with each group ranged from general membership and annual involvement to more significant and day-to-day relationships with them.

The Calendar/Calendar Sheets series covers the years between 1951 and 1995, and is one of the most exhaustive of the series in terms of its continuous documentation of McCormick's daily activities and appointments.

The next series, Photographs, (1938-1990s) consists of a variety of photographs related to McCormick's personal and professional life, including photos from his Biographical/Personal Files and his trip to Fukui, Japan in 1983.

The Student, Faculty, and Alumni Papers series dates from 1947 to 1977, and the series functions as a record of the impact McCormick had on his students through their choices of research topics and the comments provided by him in response to their research papers.

Lastly, the Voting Data, Oversized Material, and Census Data series contains a manuscript box with two volumes of state-by-state voting data used by McCormick in his studies including "Suffrage Classes and Party Alignments" and The Second American Party System. The Oversized Material consists of calendar sheets, ephemera, maps, newsletters, certificates and diplomas, and a photograph. The index card boxes contain cards with data pertaining to the 1860, 1870, and 1880 censuses. These were used as part of McCormick's 1971 Junior Honors Seminar.


40 Cubic Feet (95 manuscript boxes, 3 flat/oversized boxes, and 2 index card boxes)

Language of Materials


Acquisition and Processing Note

The Richard P. McCormick Papers were accessioned by Special Collections and University Archives at different intervals, and before final processing the collection amounted to 43 cubic feet. Early material was received from Richard P. McCormick on December 4, 1969, and included manuscript drafts, galley proofs and page proofs for The Second American Party System.

The next accession of papers (13 cubic feet) was received prior to 1985, and processing (arrangement and description) was completed by Gayle Mason in August 2, 1985. Three more feet of records were accessioned in May 1987, and processing was completed by Joseph Klett, Laura McBride, and Maxine Lurie between 1987 and 1989.

In the Spring of 1998, Professor McCormick donated 25 additional feet of files. The entire collection was combined, arranged and described between January and June 2002. The most recently accessioned boxes were initially surveyed, then rehoused, and arranged/described according to series by Melinda Zack. When original order could be identified, it was maintained. Otherwise, an order had to be imposed on the collection. Many of the series developed out of those previously established by the original processors, as well as those conceptually laid out according to McCormick's filing order, as best it could be discerned. The series were then organized into subseries, some into sub-subseries, and further arranged alphabetically or chronologically. A draft finding aid was completed by Melinda Zack and the final donation of material by Professor McCormick was interfiled by Alexandra Rimer and Alex Addison, who updated the finding aid during the Fall of 2003. The final version of the finding aid has been reviewed and edited by Thomas J. Frusciano, University Archivist, Erika Gorder, Associate University Archivist, Fernanda Perrone, Archivist and Head, Exhibitions Program, Caryn Radick, Archivist, and Professor McCormick. An electronic version of the Guide has been prepared by Alex Addison, Caryn Radick, and Thomas J. Frusciano.


The papers of Richard P. McCormick document the career of a prolific scholar, educator, and college administrator. The papers consist of materials accrued during his life as a historian of the United States, New Jersey, and Rutgers University, and his academic and administrative career at Rutgers University. The collection dates from 1929 to 2003, with the bulk of the material from the period between 1940 and 1997. The records are contained in eighteen series: I. Biographical/Personal, II. Correspondence, III. Speaking Engagements, IV. Research Files, V. Writings and Manuscripts, VI. Historians' Reviews of McCormick's Work, VII. Teaching Materials, VIII. Rutgers University Files, IX. Professional Affiliations and Historical Organizations, X. American Historical Association, XI. American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, XII. New Jersey Historical Commission, XIII. New Jersey Historical Society, XIV. Organization of American Historians, XV. Calendars/Calendar Sheets, XVI. Photographs, XVII. Student, Faculty, and Alumni Papers, and XVIII. Voting Data, Oversized Material, and Census Data.

Biographical Sketch of Richard P. McCormick

Richard P. McCormick began his career at Rutgers as an undergraduate student in 1934, and contributed to Rutgers in a number of ways. McCormick served Rutgers as Professor of History, University Historian, Dean of Rutgers College, and distinguished alumnus. McCormick's relationship with Rutgers, which continued beyond his retirement, is documented throughout the collection.

As a historian, McCormick focused his research and writing on the history of New Jersey, the history of Rutgers University, and the broader scope of American political history. He was affiliated with, and active in, numerous national historical and professional organizations, including the American Historical Association, the Organization of American Historians, and the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission. He was not only affiliated and active in many New Jersey historical organizations, but he was instrumental in the establishment of several, including the New Jersey Historical Commission, the New Jersey State Historical Records Advisory Board, and the New Jersey Tercentenary Commission. His longtime relationship with the New Jersey Historical Society, which is reflected in the collection, dates back to his involvement in the revitalization of the Historical Society and as President of the Society beginning in 1950.

A prolific writer of history, McCormick was the published author of nine books, more than forty articles, and a number of guides, pamphlets, and reports. McCormick spoke frequently on the topics of New Jersey and American political history, and the collection is enriched by a large number of speech outlines and drafts, and the correspondence related to those speaking engagements.

The following chronology lists the highlights of the career of Richard P. McCormick. For a more detailed biographical account, see Michael Birkner's introductory essay in McCormick of Rutgers: Scholar, Teacher, Public Historian (2001), as well as the oral history interviews conducted with McCormick that follow Professor Birkner's introduction.

Biographical / Historical

Chronology of Events

1916, December 24
Richard Patrick McCormick (RPM) born in Ridgewood (Queens), New York.
McCormick family moves to Upper Nyack, New York.
Graduates from Upper Nyack Elementary School.
Family moves to Cresskill, New Jersey. RPM attends Tenafly High School.
Graduates from Tenafly High School. RPM continues on at Tenafly High, taking the requisite courses necessary for admission to Rutgers University.
Begins freshman year at Rutgers College.
Receives A.B. degree from Rutgers.
Receives A.M. degree from Rutgers, completing a thesis, "The War Aims of President Wilson and Congress."
1940, September
Begins Ph.D. program at University of Pennsylvania.
1942, Spring
RPM completes all of his doctoral course work and examinations under the advisement of Professor Roy Nichols.
RPM works as a civil historian at the Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot and writes two lengthy studies: "A History of Storage and Distribution at the Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot, 1917-1943," and "The Physical Plant, 1917-1942."
Teaches ASTRP (Army Specialized Training Reserve Program) students at the University of Delaware. Meets Katheryne Levis, a graduate fellowship student in chemistry at the University of Delaware.
1945, July
RPM starts teaching full time in the history department at Rutgers University. During this summer, RPM begins to center his research on New Jersey history, which leads to his focus on New Jersey in the critical period of 1781 to 1789 for his dissertation.
1945, August
Marries Katheryne Levis in Baltimore, Maryland. Katheryne McCormick begins teaching at the New Jersey College for Women (now Douglass College) in September 1945. The two become the proud parents of two children: Richard (1947) and Dorothy (1950).
RPM completes his dissertation, "Experiment in Independence: New Jersey in the Critical Period, 1781-1789" and receives his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania.
Appointed Rutgers University Historian.
Receives grant from Rutgers Research Council to begin a study of electoral machinery in New Jersey
Named Chairman of the Conference of New Jersey Historians, of which he conceived, organized, and implemented.
Inaugurates a full-year, college-level course on New Jersey History at Rutgers.
Experiment in Independence: New Jersey in the Critical Period, 1781-1789 is published by Rutgers University Press.
Serves as President of New Jersey Historical Society.
Rutgers University publishes McCormick's New Jersey History course quiz as a flyer entitled, "How Well Do You Know New Jersey?"
Serves as Research Advisor to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.
The History of Voting in New Jersey: A Study of the Development of Election Machinery, 1664-1911 published by Rutgers University Press.
Serves on the Governor's Commission on Morven.
Receives grant from Social Science Research Council for a year-long leave to research Early American political behavior and organize the "Conference on Early American Political Behavior" (June 1957). RPM later publishes a summary of the conference proceedings.
Plays an instrumental role in organizing New Jersey government to appoint a commission to arrange a statewide celebration of the New Jersey Tercentenary in 1964. He briefly serves as Acting Chair of the New Jersey Tercentenary Commission.
"Suffrage Classes and Party Alignments: A Study in Voter Behavior" published in the Mississippi Valley Historical Review.
"New Perspectives on Jacksonian Politics" published in the American Historical Review.
1960, June-August
British colonial records trip for New Jersey Tercentenary Commission. The Commission published his findings as a report that same year.
Receives New Jersey Award for distinguished contributions to the study of New Jersey history.
Receives a Fulbright award to lecture on American history at Cambridge University, England.
Serves as Chairman of the State Committee on Historic Sites Evaluation.
Receives Lindback Award for distinguished teaching and research at Rutgers University.
New Jersey from Colony to State, 1609-1789 published by Van Nostrand. A second edition is published by the Rutgers University Press in 1970 and a paperback edition published by the New Jersey Historical Society appears in 1981.
The Second American Party System: Party Formations in the Jacksonian Era receives the biennial book prize from the American Association for State and Local History prior to its publication.
Although completed in 1962, The Second American Party System: Party Formation in the Jacksonian Era published by the University of North Carolina Press in 1966.
Rutgers, A Bicentennial History published by Rutgers University Press.
Serves as Chair of history department of Rutgers College.
Serves as Chairman of New Jersey Historical Commission.
Awarded the biennial book prize from the American Association for State and Local History for Rutgers: A Bicentennial History.
Serves as Chair of a Special Faculty Committee to deal with demands of black students at Rutgers in wake of protests on the Newark, New Brunswick, and Camden campuses.
Serves as Chairman of the New Jersey Tercentenary Commission.
1970, January 29-30
Lectures at the Commonwealth Fund and Colloquium in England.
Serves as Chair of Coeducation Committee at Rutgers College.
Member of the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission.
Appointed by the Rutgers Board of Governors as University Professor of History.
Serves as Dean of Rutgers College.
While on sabbatical, RPM conducts research for his 1978 report, Academic Reorganization in New Brunswick, 1962-1978: the Federated College Plan, which contributes to the 1981 restructuring of the University.
The Selected Speeches of Mason Welch Gross, edited by RPM and Richard Schlatter, is published by Rutgers University Press.
Retires from Rutgers faculty and from position of University Historian. Becomes Emeritus Professor of History.
Receives honorary doctor of letters degree from Rutgers.
The Presidential Game: The Origins of American Presidential Politics published by Oxford University Press.
Political Parties and the Modern State, the proceedings of a conference marking RPM's retirement from the Rutgers faculty in 1982 and edited by Richard L. McCormick, is published by the Rutgers University Press.
Resigns from the Board of the New Jersey Historical Society.
Serves as President of the Historians of the Early American Republic.
"A Historian's Education," appears in the William and Mary Quarterly.
The Case of the Nazi Professor, coauthored with David M. Oshinsky and Daniel Horn, is published by Rutgers University Press.
RPM is inducted into Rutgers' Hall of Distinguished Alumni.
The Black Student Protest Movement at Rutgers is published by Rutgers University Press.
Equality Deferred: Women Candidates for the New Jersey Assembly, 1920-1993, coauthored with Katheryne C. McCormick, is published by the Center for the American Woman and Politics, Eagleton Institute of Politics, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.
Michael J's Birkner's book McCormick of Rutgers: Scholar, Teacher, Public Historian, is published by Greenwood Press. The book contains selections from eight oral history interviews conducted with RPM between 1995 and 2000.
2002, December
RPM's son, Richard L. McCormick, is selected as the nineteenth President of Rutgers University. During his career, Richard L. McCormick had held positions as a faculty member and Chair of the Rutgers History Department, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers, Provost at the University North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and President of the University of Washington.
2003, January
RPM receives the 2002 Award for Scholarly Distinction from the American Historical Association, the most prestigious award presented by the association, in recognition of his lifetime contribution to historical scholarship.
2006, January 16
Richard P. McCormick dies after an extended illness at the age of 89. He had served Rutgers University and the State of New Jersey with distinction for over six decades.

Arrangement Note

The Richard P. McCormick Papers are divided into eighteen series as follows:

  1. I. Biographical/Personal (1929-2006, bulk 1934-1990)
  2. II. Correspondence (1945-2001, bulk 1949-1992)
  3. III. Speaking Engagements (1947-1998)
  4. IV. Research Files (1950-2000)
  5. V. Writings and Manuscripts (1940-2003)
  6. VI. Historians' Reviews of McCormick's Work (1950-1995)
  7. VII. Teaching Materials (1947-1977, undated material)
  8. VIII. Rutgers University Files (1948-1995, bulk 1963-1986)
  9. IX. Professional Affiliations & Historical Organizations (1947-2001)
  10. X. American Historical Association (1947-1977, bulk 1960-1974)
  11. XI. American Revolution Bicentennial Commission (1968-1976)
  12. XII. New Jersey Historical Commission (1960, 1966-1985)
  13. XIII. New Jersey Historical Society (1950-1951, 1960-1993, with gaps)
  14. XIV. Organization of American Historians (1968-1974)
  15. XV. Calendars/Calendar Sheets (1951-1995)
  16. XVI. Photographs (1938-1990s)
  17. XVII. Student, Faculty, and Alumni Papers
  18. XVIII. Voting Data, Oversized Material, and Census Data

Separated Material

The following miscellaneous items were removed from the collection. They are either located elsewhere in published form or are in other archival collections.

  1. Miscellaneous Items Removed:
  2. Photocopies of the "Ordinances of the Continental Congress" were discarded due to their poor condition and their availability in Journals of the Continental Congress.
  3. Photocopies of the Minutes of the Council of Proprietors of the Western Division of New Jersey, 1688-1712, were discarded due to their bad condition and their availability on microfilm at Special Collections and University Archives.
  4. Poster of the famous Emmanuel Gottlieb Leutze painting Washington Rallying the Troops at Monmouth documenting General George Washington and the Battle of Monmouth, June 28, 1778, which can be found at the Monmouth County Historical Association, removed to Special Collections and University Archives.
  5. Poster, "Battles and Skirmishes of the American Revolution in New Jersey," removed permanently from the collection due to condition and a duplicate's availability at Special Collections and University Archives.
  6. Poster, "New Jersey Tercentenary: A Historama of Colonial New Jersey," removed permanently from the collection due to condition and a duplicate's availability at Special Collections and University Archives.
  7. Publications Removed from "Professional Affiliations & Historical Organizations: New Jersey/Regional":
  8. Colonial Williamsburg: Report by the President for the Year 1952.
  9. Publications removed from "American Revolution Bicentennial Commission: General Information and Correspondence" to the New Jersey Collection, Special Collections and University Archives:
  10. America's 200th Anniversary. Report of the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission. (Senate Document #91-76, 91st Congress, 2nd Session, July 6, 1970).
  11. Discovery and Rediscovery. Science, Technology and the American Bicentennial. A Survey of Planned Activities and Suggestions for Themes and Programs. (A Report Produced by the Institute of Government Research, University of Arizona, for the National Science Foundation.).
  12. Hearings before the Subcommittee on Federal Charters, Holidays, and Celebrations of the Committee on the Judiciary. (U.S. Senate, 92nd Congress, 2nd Session, August 12, 1972.)
  13. Horizon '76 Committee Report on Planning for "Call for Achievement." (2nd Revision, September 20, 1971).
  14. Report of the Secretary of the Interior to the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, 1970.
  15. Report on the American Revolution Bicentennial Celebration, 1976.
  16. Report to the Congress of the United States. American Revolution Bicentennial Commission Annual Report, 1970.
  17. Report to the Congress of the United States. American Revolution Bicentennial Commission Annual Report, 1972.
  18. Report to the President, July 4, 1970.
  19. The Operation of the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission. (House Committee Print, 92nd Congress, 2nd Session, December 21, 1972).
  20. Volume 1, Summary Report. Recommendations for Northeast Corridor Transportation. (U.S. Department of Transportation, Final Report Released September 1971).
  21. "Mercer County and the Bicentennial" Trenton, July 1975.
  22. Landmarks of the Revolution in New York State: A Guide to the Historic Sites Open to the Public (1972)
  23. Independence and Statehood: A Framework for Observing the Bicentennial in New York State.
  24. Johnny Horizon '76 Program material, including the "Johnny Horizon Environmental Record."
  25. Publications Removed from "New Jersey Historical Commission: Subject Files":
  26. Burlington: Its Island and Its Future. (Colonial Crossroads Bicentennial Corporation)
  27. New Jersey '76: Liberty Park
  28. Audio visual items removed to Audio /Visual Collections of the Rutgers University Archives:
  29. "WRSU—Thirty Years on the Banks" (Narrated by Nat Shoehalter, April 26, 1978) Vol. I
  30. "WRSU—Thirty Years on the Banks" (Narrated by Nat Shoehalter, April 26, 1978) Vol. II
  31. "WRSU—Thirty Years on the Banks" (Narrated by Nat Shoehalter, April 26, 1978) Vol. III

Appendix A: Speaking Engagements: Speeches

  1. Note: The following items are listed according to their box and folder location.
  1. Box 16, Folder 11, Speaking Engagements: Speeches, 1959-1964:
  2. "Individual Freedom: A Challenge to All Nations," address given to Williamsburg Student Burgesses, February 15, 1959 (three copies of speech).
  3. "The Uses of New Jersey History," Haddonfield, N.J., March 26, 1963.
  4. "Preserving New Jersey's Heritage Through Planning," State Planning Conference, February 4, 1964 (2 copies of speech).
  5. "New Jersey and the Federal Union," 1964 (One whole copy of speech and one partial copy, pages 3-20).
  1. Box 17, Folder 1, Speaking Engagements: Speeches, 1966-1972:
  2. "Opening of Bicentennial Year Speech," January 4, 1966.
  3. "300th Anniversary—New Jersey Legislature," November 25, 1968.
  4. "The Mason Gross Decade," speech given at the 21 Club, New York City, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the inauguration of Mason W. Gross as President of Rutgers, February 27, 1969.
  5. "Statement by Dr. Richard P. McCormick to New Jersey Tax Policy Committee," November 12, 1970.
  6. "Presidential Inaugurations at Rutgers," speech given in anticipation of President Edward J. Bloustein on November 10, 1971.
  7. "Presidential Inauguration Remarks on Behalf of the Faculty," November 10, 1971.
  8. "Statement by Dr. Richard P. McCormick to Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Federal Charters, Holidays and Celebrations," August 1, 1972.
  9. "Comment by Professor Richard P. McCormick on Pessen's 'Martin Van Buren'," Conference on Six Empire State Presidents, September 15, 1972.
  1. Box 17, Folder 2, Speaking Engagements: Speeches, 1973-1977:
  1. "Roy F. Nichols Memorial," Irvine Auditorium, January 30, 1973.
  2. "Comment—J. R. Hollingsworth's Paper," MSSB Conference, Ithaca, N.Y., June 11, 1973.
  3. "The Local Library and the Bicentennial of the American Revolution," June 27, 1973.
  4. "Unity Against Oppression" remarks regarding New Brunswick and the American Revolution, July 21, 1974.
  5. "Cameron Memorial Service," remarks presented at Donald F. Cameron's Memorial Service, September 20, 1974.
  6. "Remarks—R. P. McCormick," April 12, 1975, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the formal designation of Rutgers as the State University of New Jersey.
  7. "Statement of Dean Richard P. McCormick to Joint Subcommittee on Higher Education of N.J. Legislature," February 20, 1976.
  8. "New Brunswick During the Revolution" talk given by Dr. Richard P. McCormick, Dean of Rutgers College, at the opening of the Rutgers University Art Gallery's Bicentennial Exhibit, "New Brunswick—A Visual Recollection of its Art, Architecture & Life (1681-1914)," May 1, 1976.
  9. "New Jersey's Governors," remarks at opening of an exhibit at Alexander Library, Rutgers University, June 11, 1976.
  10. "L. Ethan Ellis, Colleague," remarks at L. Ethan Ellis Memorial Service, October 28, 1977 includes one copy of "Obituary, L. Ethan Ellis," December 5, 1977, and three copies of the memorial service booklet.
  11. "Jersey City State College Commencement," January 12, 1978.
  12. "Jackson Revisited," Southern Historical Association Meeting, 1978 (includes related correspondence).
  1. Box 17, Folder 3, Speaking Engagements: Speeches, 1979-1980:
  1. "Livingston Papers Presentation," State House, Trenton, N.J., July 2, 1979.
  2. "The Society in the 1950s," address at Annual Meeting of New Jersey Historical Society, circa 1980.
  3. "Passionate Patriots," New Jersey Society of Cincinnati, circa 1980.
  4. "Centenary: New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station," celebration of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the New Jersey State Agricultural Experiment Station, March 10, 1980 (Two copies of speech).
  1. Box 17, Folder 4, Speaking Engagements: Speeches, 1981-1986:
  2. "Graduation Address: Rutgers College," May 21, 1981.
  3. "History Section Dinner," remarks regarding "discipline of history and the historical profession over a period of nearly half a century," circa 1982.
  4. "A Tribute to Milford A. Vieser," April 21, 1982.
  5. "Warren I. Susman: An Appreciation," remarks at Warren I. Susman's Memorial Service, April 23, 1985.
  6. "Graduation Address: Rutgers College," May 23, 1985 (2 copies of address).
  7. "A Forty-Year Perspective," First Annual Conference presented by the New Jersey Historical Commission, Freehold, N. J., December 7, 1985.
  8. "Memorial Service: Moses I. Finley," November 6, 1986.
  1. Box 17, Folder 5, Speaking Engagements: Speeches, 1987-1989:
  2. "The Miracle at Philadelphia," University of Utah, 1987.
  3. "Bicentennial of the Constitution," 1987.
  4. "Ratification by Delaware and its Neighbors," The American Constitution: 1787-1987. Conference at the University of Delaware, January 14-15, 1987 (Two copies of January 15, 1987 speech plus related correspondence).
  5. "Black Student Protest—1969," March 1, 1989.
  6. "Richard Schlatter: In Memoriam," March 4, 1988.
  7. "Robert M. Lunny," Robert M. Lunny Memorial Service, March 11, 1989.
  1. Box 17, Folder 6, Speaking Engagements: Speeches, 1989-1991:
  1. "Winants Hall," November 9, 1990.
  2. "Origins of the New Jersey Historical Commission," Newark Public Library, 25th Anniversary of the New Jersey Historical Commission, January 20, 1991.
  3. "The Strange History of Rutgers College," March 27, 1991.
  4. "Presidents of Rutgers," celebration of Rutgers University and inauguration of 18th President of Rutgers, Dr. Francis L. Lawrence, March 27, 1991(includes speech, outline, research notes, and event program).
  5. "Howard J. Crosby," remarks at Howard J. Crosby's Memorial Service, December 4, 1991.
  6. Box 17, Folder 7 Speaking Engagements: Speeches, 1992-1998:
  7. "Comment: The Age of Jackson," Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., "birthday" symposium arranged by Dick Wade, 1992.
  8. "What's in a Name?" How Rutgers' name reflects its status as a state university. April 1994.
  9. "Karl E. Metzger, 1912-1993," remarks at Karl E. Metzger's Memorial Service, October 1, 1993.
  10. "Roy F. Nichols," remarks at Roy F. Nichols' Induction into Rutgers Hall of Distinguished Alumni, May, 1994.
  11. "Archibald Alexander Library Celebration," April 14, 1994.
  12. "Mason Gross Memorial," October 9, 1994.
  13. "Province Line and the Boundary of the Two Jersies," Princeton Old Guard, November 2, 1994.
  14. "A History of New Jersey History," New Jersey History Issues Convention, April 29, 1995 (2 copies of speech).
  15. "Simeon De Witt and James Neilson," Honoring alumni, April 8, 1995.
  16. "Sidney Ratner: An Appreciation," remarks at Sidney Ratner's Memorial Service, April 14, 1996 (includes memorial program).
  17. "Remembering Alex," remarks at Memorial tribute to Alex Balinky, September 25, 1998 (includes memorial program).
  1. Box 17, Folder 8, Speaking Engagements: Speeches (1 of 2):
  2. "Rutgers College: The Grobman Era," speech given on the occasion of Arnold Grobman's retirement dinner; two copies of speech.
  3. "Introduction," regarding 18th century/Colonial New Jersey.
  4. "The Comparative Method: Some Applications to the Study of United States History."
  5. "Commercial Navigation on the Raritan River in the Vicinity of Landing Lane Bridge."
  6. "Comment on 'The Two-Party Norm in American Politics: Will It Survive?'" McCormick's comment included with copy of "The Two-Party Norm in American Politics: Will It Survive?" by William Nisbet Chambers, prepared for presentation at the American Historical Association, December 28, 1968.
  7. "National Bias in Textbooks" (for a colloquium session).
  8. "Text of Address of Dr. Richard McCormick," address given at celebration of the 300th Anniversary of the founding of the Council of Proprietors of the Western Division of New Jersey; transcribed from videotape by Tracy Alden Peter.
  9. "State and Regional History in the Colleges," circa 1950s.
  1. Box 17, Folder 9, Speaking Engagements: Speeches (2 of 2):
  2. "New Jersey in Historical Perspective" (two copies of speech).
  3. "Winkler Dinner," speech given at Henry Winkler Dinner on the occasion of his leaving Rutgers for Cincinnati.
  4. "Party Conventions."
  5. "Rutgers in World War II."
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