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II. World War II Memorial Book and Memorial Bronze Tablet,, 1943-1947


  • 1943-1947

Scope and Contents

Summary: This series consists of records relating to Rutgers students killed in World War II and efforts by Dean Metzger, Bradford Abernethy, and others to honor them with a Memorial Book and Memorial Bronze Tablet in Kirkpatrick Chapel. It includes correspondence, Student Personal Data Sheets placed in the WWII Memorial Book, Photo ID cards of Rutgers students killed in WWII, Student Casualty Record Forms, and blueprints of the WWII Memorial Tablet made to honor those students who died in WWII.

The file that make up this series include:

World War II Memorial Book Records. A Memorial Book was created and placed in Kirkpatrick Chapel to honor the Rutgers students killed in WWII. A page was dedicated to each student who died in the war. This file includes mostly correspondence between Dean Metzger and various vendors who participated in making the book. Also included are Rutgers inter-office memos concerning the Memorial Book.

Personal Student Data Sheets for those students killed in WWII were placed in the Memorial Book. A form letter was sent by the Dean of Men, Fraser Metzger, to the parent's of those students killed in WWII. The form letter requested that the parents fill out an enclosed data sheet about their son. The information from the data sheets was used in the Memorial Book placed in Kirkpatrick Chapel. This file contains, for each student killed, several iterations of the data sheets as well as the associated letters sent to their parents requesting information on their sons. In some instances, there are also newspaper clippings about the student's death and letters from the parents providing more detail about their sons. Two women were also included in the Memorial Book who attended the New Jersey College for Women.

One-Page Casualty Record Forms consists of one-page forms that have the following information on them: Student's Name, Rank, Branch of Service, Birthdate and Place of Birth. There are also three other sections on the form with information about their education, military record and casualty. The mother's name and address and wife's name and address may also be included. It appears that Chaplain Bradford Abernethy kept these records, as his name was on the original file.

Photo ID Cards of Rutgers Students Killed in WWII are labeled, "Rutgers University Directory, (Office of Dean of Men)." There is a card for each student killed. Most cards contain the following information: Students's name, home address and phone number, college address and phone number, fraternity, parent or guardian, and a small black and white photograph. Some also have a typed or written note as to where and when the student was killed. The letters in this folder are primarily addressed to Dean Metzger from people who have been invited to speak at Kirkpatrick Chapel. The types of letters in this folder include responses agreeing to speak at Chapel, letters declining to speak, correspondence to arrive at a mutually acceptable date to speak at Chapel, and follow-up letters to Dean Metzger after a speech has been given.

Records Relating to the WWII Memorial Tablet for Kirkpatrick Chapel mainly contains correspondence between President Clothier and others regarding the establishment of a WWII Memorial Tablet to be placed in Kirkpatrick Chapel, as well as the wording that should appear on the Tablet. One will see the numerous drafts of the wording by reading through these letters. There is also correspondence between Bradford Abernethy (Chaplain) and the General Bronze Corporation, the manufacturers of the tablet (Abernethy chaired the Memorial Tablet Committee). Also included are three blueprint drafts of the tablet.

Letters Sent to the Parents of WWII MIAs and POWs are communications from President Clothier stating that he is aware that their son has been reported as MIA or POW and to remain optimistic about the outcome.

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Arrangement: Some files are arranged chronologically from earliest to most recent date. Other files are arranged alphabetically by student's last name.

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