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Scope and Contents: Lubell 3/3: 130 Colorful pen drawing (with watercolor) of a group of water lilies floating in an undefined body of water. The use of watercolor, as befitting the subject matter, is extensive: large blue strokes for the water, more detailed greens and yellows on the leaves, and reds for the buds. Compared to other Lubells, the black ink outlines are far less "clear" and much more shaky; this may be to represent constant movement within the water. While the space almost entirely...
 File — Box: 3, Folder: 3

Scope and Contents: Lubell 3/3: 131 Pen and ink drawing (with watercolor) of a girl holding a blooming flower up to her jawline. Only her left hand and part of her head (it crops out everything above her nose and below her neckline) are visible, using thin yellow ink lines. The flower, on the other hand, uses black (or dark blue) ink for its stem and outline, with yellow watercolor strictly kept inside the petals. Details are rather extensive for a piece that is mostly empty; hairs and patterns...
 File — Box: 3, Folder: 3

Scope and Contents: Lubell 3/3: 132 Ink and wash drawing of a stationary bluebird, seen from right, grasping at an unseen branch or structure. As no background or greater contextual elements exist in this piece, the entire focus is on the bird itself. Ink lines are used for a partial outline and detailing, particularly patterns around the face and details in the bird's talons. The main visual element, however, is the extensive blue and grey wash used to color the bird's plumage. Some of the wash,...
 File — Box: 3, Folder: 3

Scope and Contents:

Lubell 3/3: 133

Red ink drawing on white board of an elaborate structure, possibly lichen, with fungus. Line patterns, as per the intricacy of the design, are employed throughout the drawing. While there is no explicit background, there is a large amount of space on the sides that create a natural equivalent; no wider space appears to exist. Partial draft sketch on verso.

34 x 40 cm